Privacy Policy

    3.1 Legal Base for Processing, Provision of Information / Notification and Data Update
    The company under the name “PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED”, is responsible for the processing of personal data of the visitor/registered user and controls the processing of his data in the webpage of www.phoenicia.cyservices.

PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED informs the visitor/registered user-customer of the following, and the visitor/registered user-customer acknowledges that he/she is aware of the following:

3.1.a For the processing of his/her personal data as described below, PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED relies on the following legal bases:

  • Execution of the Agreement: In order for the purposes of this agreement to be satisfied, i.e. in order for the visitor/registered user-customer to conclude his orders in www.phoenicia.cythe processing of the personal data he gives upon his registration and submission of his order in the order registration form and the reporting of his transactions are necessary. Purpose of this basic processing of data is the completion of the certain order, the contact with the user-customer and the dispatch of informative messages relating to the stages required until the order is properly delivered, the provision of explanation in relation to the order, and in general the information about purchases made, the delivery of the order to the place of the user’s/  customer’s choice, the confirmation and identification of the user/customer in any necessary case and the notification about the available stock in the

PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED also reserves the right to inform the member regularly via a phone contact, by post, via e-mail, mobile SMS or through any other appropriate means of communication using the member’s contact details, duly obtained, in respect of the registration in for online purchase of its products and services under their transactional relationship (Law 112(I)/2004), and provided the member has not objected against this contact. This information may include information about its products or/and offers or/and competitions, the contact for survey purposes for the improvement of the products and services provided to its members as well as any other promotional actions of the Company and the service of similar purposes.

  • Legal Interests: Any form of processing of personal data is necessary for the improvement of services provided by PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED (processing of statistical and non-identifiable data), the detection of a fraud attempt or misuse by the member, as well as for ensuring the legal interests of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED.
  • Approval-Consent: The registered user/customer is invited to give his specific, clear and free consent to the individualized analysis of the consumer behavior of the registered user-customer with the purpose of sending to him commercial communication details together with personalized offers about the products or the services of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED according to the preferences of the aforementioned user-customer with or without human intervention, so that the registered user-customer could receive individualized notifications and offers by PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED, which shall better match his profile and preferences.3.1.b. The member has the right but also the obligation to access, rectify and update his personal data, and he is obliged to notify as soon as possible PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED of the following:
    • any change of personal data provided upon his registration in the e-shop of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED for the better service of the member;
    • for the members of LCDH Loyalty Program concluding purchases in the www.phoenicia.cythe terms of the Program apply.

    3.2 Processing and category of personal data – Rights of visitors/ registered users
    a) Personal Data Processing: PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED shall process the personal data of the visitor/registered user-customer, as these are given by himself at the opening of his account and in his order in the data registration form, in order for the specific order be completed through our online store. The user/customer has the option to select 2 ways in order to complete an online order and to register his personal data:
    1. As a guest/visitor: In this case the personal data of the visitor/customer shall be retained in the records of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED for thirty (30) days as of the closing and deliver of his specific order and the processing of these data shall only relate to the execution of the sale agreement remotely. The data, however, proving the conclusion of the transaction shall be retained for tax purposes (invoice statement).
    2. As a registered user of the online store: In this case the customer/user has created a user’s account in our online store and his personal data shall be retained in the records of the company until he requests their deletion. Once per year PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED shall request from the user/customer to confirm the accuracy of the data it maintains and to update them provided there are changes. The user/customer may at any time change or correct his data making a log-in into his account in filling in his username and his password.

    b) Personal Data Category More specifically, the personal data that every visitor/registered user/customer should provide in order for any transaction can be performed via the e-shop ( of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED, and in order for orders of company products to be submitted, are the following:
    • the full name (first name and surname) of the customer;
    • the delivery address of the products;
    • the charging address of the order (in case this is different from the delivery ad-dress);
    • the invoicing data (in case an invoice payment has been selected);
    • the number of a contact line;
    • the e-mail of the customer.

    The category of the personal data processed by PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED according to the processing purpose is the following:
    i. For the execution of the agreement (thus, in order for the visitor/registered user-customer to conclude his orders in
    • the full name (first name and surname);
    • the delivery address of the products;
    • the charging address of the order (in case this is different from the delivery ad-dress);
    • the invoicing data (in case an invoice payment has been selected);
    • the number of a contact line;
    • the e-mail of the user/customer;
    • products purchased;
    • history of orders
    The visitor/registered user is informed that the provision of his aforementioned obligatory personal data as well as his transactions data are necessary and constitute a requirement for the proper execution of the order agreement and the delivery of the products and services. For this reason, the consent of the user/customer to this specific processing is not required.
    ii. For the analysis of the individualized consumer behavior of the registered user-customer with the purpose of sending to him commercial communication with personalized offers for the products or the services of Phoenicia Fereos Cyprus Limited, according to his preferences with or without human intervention so that the member can receive individualized notifications and offers from PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED, which shall better match his profile and preferences, PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED shall process additionally the following data of the member:
    – Products bought via the online store:
    – Frequency of Visits (Visitation Rate) to
    – Products in the visitor’s/customer’s basket or in the wish list on the online store:
    – Demographic data disclosed in the online store:
    – Years of using the online store as a registered user-customer
    – Participation in promotional activities/campaigns
    – Expense made upon purchase in the online store:
    – History of Orders in the online store:

    iii. In case a delivery of the products to a third party different from the visitor/register user is requested, the latter acknowledges that he shall have full responsibility for the provision of information to and the full consent of the aforementioned third party, whom he appoints as a recipient, for the disclosure of his personal data to the company “PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED”, only for the purpose of delivery to the third party, of the respective products, and undertakes full liability for any claims of this person (third party) against the company “PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED”.

    The credit card data are not stored in storage means of the company during the transaction but are registered directly in a safe environment of the partner company (JCC Payment Systems Ltd), which has undertaken the launching of the payment procedure by cards.

    iv. The visitor but also the registered user-customer is also informed that in respect of the contact between him and PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED, under the (Law112(I)/2004), PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED is processing the contact details registered by him. Fur-thermore, when notifications about changes of the terms of use of are sent via SMS/viber/email etc. to the registered user-customer with a hyperlink (link), the IP address of his electronic device (mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc.) may be registered as a proof that the member has received the relevant information.

    c) Data Recipients: As regards the data which are necessary for the pursuit of each and any of the above mentioned processing purposes and in respect of the responsibilities of each recipient, the recipients of data of the registered user/customer are or may be:
    i. The responsible employees of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED;
    ii. The tax authorities and the banking authorities in case of a relevant audit;
    iii. The Company under the name “«PHOENICIA T.A.A. CYPRUS LTD.», which provides CRM services and processes the data of registered users-customers as processor on behalf of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED, pursuant to the instructions and orders of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED or any other company that will in the future provide to PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED the same services in replacement of or in cooperation with the aforementioned company;
    iv) External partners who provide internet services, orders storage and management, call centre services, courier service or group shipping of products, services for product establishment and services for the sales data analysis, internet service providers and e-commerce providers and call centres for customers service with whom PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED collaborates, and who are subject to the special strict terms of personal data processing agreed with PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED as Data Controller.
    During the registration, access or/and processing of the personal data of the member, the workers and agents of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED fully comply with the provisions of the European General Regulation 2016/679 for Data Protection as well as with the applicable Cyprus legislation and case law regarding the personal data protection. PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED requests from its workers, the maintenance providers of its webpage, as well as from its associates-third parties to take all necessary technical and organizational measures (including the appropriate policies and procedures, so that they can prevent the disclosure of the personal data of its visitors/registered users-customers, who process, possess and apply management procedures and data processing procedures in a way provided by law and protect them according to the GDPR).

    d) Rights of the Data Subject:
     Each registered user-customer, as a data subject, may exercise at any time his rights, as prescribed in the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 EU and, particularly, in the articles 12 until 23 of GDPR and the national legislation, and more specifically:
    i. the right to receive information and obtain access to the data processed by Phoenicia Fereos Cyprus Limited;
    ii) the right to restriction of his data processing;
    iii) the right of rectification or erasure of some or all (right to be forgotten) of his personal data;
    iv) the right to object, that is to oppose the processing of his personal data, and
    v) the right to data portability.

    The member may exercise his aforementioned rights as follows:
    Regarding the right/obligation of access and rectification of /completion the personal data, the company provides to the registered users-customers of the option to review, rectify/supplement their personal data through their personal account in in the menu “My information” and in the filed “Processing”.
    Regarding the right of data portability, PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED provides the option to registered users-customers of to obtain their personal data or/and transmit them to another data controller in the form indicated by the competent supervisory authority, submitting the relevant request to the e-mail address: or
    The member is entitled to revoke his consent at any time and for any processing of his personal data performed under his consent, without affecting the legality of the processing based on the consent prior to the withdrawal of the consent. The revocation of the consent may be executed from his personal account in in the menu “My information”, and in the field “Processing” or by sending an e-mail to or
    In case of exercise of one of the above mentioned rights of the registered user/customer, PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED shall take any possible measure for the satisfaction of the request within one (1) month as of its submission. In this case, the registered user-customer is informed that the least required information of his personal data shall be maintained in order for the company to secure its legal interests. The deletion of the registered user-customer of may be performed via email in the e-mail address:

    e) Term for the Retention of Personal Data: The data of the visitor user-customer shall be kept and processed by PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED for a period of thirty (30) days as of the completion of his specific order.
    The data of the registered user-customer shall be kept and processed by the company until the registered user-customer requests the deletion of his account or, for any data processing performed under his consent, until he declares the withdrawal of his consent for the purposes of provision of services of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED. Nevertheless, some required personal data relating to this transactions with PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED as well as the information, consent and withdrawal of consent of the member for the processing of his data may be retained as information about the registered user-customer as a guaranteed proof of the lawful processing of his data by PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED and for ensuring the legal claims of the parties.
    For members of LCDH Loyalty Program concluding purchases in the the terms of the Program apply (  ). 

    f) Special Category Data: The member is informed that PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED neither collects nor demands the disclosure of sensitive personal data (data of a special category) for the needs of

    g) Transparency Obligation: For any information regarding his data as well as their processing and protection the registered user-customer may address the Data Protection Officer of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED (Data Protection Officer) in the email and in the call line 22013500 and provided that he considers his answer non-satisfactory, he is informed that he has the right to file an action before the competent supervisory authority (Data Protection Authority, 1 Iasonos str, 1082 Nicosia,

    h) Technical and Organizational Protection Measures: Phoenicia Fereos Cyprus Limited, the data processors acting on behalf of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED and its agents/assistants for the performance of its duties apply the appropriate technical and organizational measures for the best possible protection of the personal data against any incidental or illegal destruction, damage or loss, alteration, illicit notification or access to these and in general their unlawful processing (including the remote access) as well as for ensuring the recovery option of the availability of data and of access to them. These measures aim at ensuring a safety level ad-dressing the risk that may affect the certain data, taking always into account the kind, category and significance of the data, the evolution of the technology, the ap-plication cost and the nature, scope of application, the framework and the purposes of each specific processing, applying at the same time procedures for the regular testing, assessment and evaluation of efficiency of these technical and organizational measures. In any case PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED, the data processors on behalf of PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED and its agents/ assistants are committed to keep the confidentiality of the personal data of the members and not to disclose or all access to the data to any third party without the prior notification of the member except for in cases explicitly provided by law.

    PHOENICIA FEREOS CYPRUS LIMITED declares that no other use of the personal data of the member shall be made for other purposes, apart from those mentioned in the present terms without notification in advance, and where required, his express con-sent.

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