Exclusive pairing evening at the Ecali Club

On the evening of July 6th, Phoenicia TAA Cyprus, in partnership with its official distributor for Greece, Phoenicia Fereos Hellas, ushered in the summer season with an exclusive pairing evening at the Ecali Club in Athens, Greece. In cooperation with SpeakEasy and Blanton’s Bourbon, the event brought together local and international cigar enthusiasts to indulge in five newly launched habanos in the Greek market. These cigars were meticulously paired with gourmet food and drinks to enhance the flavors and aromas of the Habanos. It was a unique event, marking its first occurrence in Greece.

The celebration commenced with a Cuban-themed welcome cocktail reception in the early evening and the masterful rolling technique of a Habanos Cigar Roller who was present to display the artistry of a habano. Attendees enjoyed a glass of champagne and the first cigar of the night, the Hoyo De Monterrey Souvenir Deluxe. During the reception, guests also had the opportunity to sample various mixology coffee beverages and hors d’oeuvres. The enchanting melodies of live violin and cello arrangements set the ambiance as guests were then guided to their seats alongside the club’s picturesque poolside.

To officially open the event, Mr. Yiannis Liatsis, General Manager of PFH, took the stage after being introduced by the evening’s presenter. He warmly greeted all the aficionados in attendance and introduced Mr. Charalambos Papadimitriou of Speakeasy, who shared insights into the concept behind the pairings that guests would experience throughout the evening. Mr. Liatsis proceeded to unveil the next cigar of the night, the Ramon Allones No.3, providing a brief history of the brand and details about this particular vitola. A video showcasing the Ramon Allones No.3 played on the screen, adding to the anticipation. Guests eagerly received their Ramon Allones cigars to savor alongside the first course of their meal, while a swing band further enhanced the lively atmosphere.

The second part of the celebration continued with the presenter introducing Mr. Antonis Pasparakis, Marketing Specialist of PFH. Mr. Pasparakis provided details about the brand and its vitola before visually presenting the La Gloria Cubana Turquinos. Once his speech concluded, attendees were delighted to receive their own Turquinos cigars to pair with the second course, while the swing band continued to entertain with their melodies.

As the evening progressed, Mr. Tonis Papalamprou, Master Habanos Trainer, was welcomed to the stage. With his extensive expertise, he visually presented the highly anticipated Limited Edition Hoyo de Monterrey Monterreyes No.4, following a historical recap video about the brand. The Monterreyes No.4 was met with great excitement from the aficionados, as is customary for Limited Edition releases. Guests savored their Monterreyes cigars while enjoying the next vibrant live performance on stage.

The highlight of the event received dedicated attention when Mr. Liatsis returned to the stage to unveil the Bolivar New Gold Medal. The cigar garnered significant interest due to the brand’s historical importance, which was showcased on the screen. The final reveal came as each guest received their own Bolivar cigar to enjoy.

A surprise interlude by Mr. Papalamprou provided guests with more insight into the Habanos World Challenge concept, expanding their knowledge about the competition. The winning team of the last HWC in Havana, Mr. Antonis Pasparakis and Mr. Efthimis Karachristianidis, were present at the event and introduced to the guests. Glimpses of their Habanos moments, which led them to victory, were shared. PFH and Speakeasy recognized and awarded the team for their participation and representation on behalf of Greece.

As an amazing sponsor of the evening, Speakeasy then organized a raffle giveaway for guests. One lucky aficionado received a rare, limited edition Blanton’s Parthenon Whiskey, while another fortunate guest won an exclusive trip to the brand’s distillery in Kentucky, USA.

To the guests’ surprise, the excitement continued to escalate as a beloved local band took the stage, captivating the audience with their performance. The night grew more energetic, and guests were thoroughly entertained.

This passionate Habanos night carried on until the early hours of the next day, creating a truly unforgettable experience for all who attended. It was a memorable moment for the world of Habanos.