A Night of Elegance and Celebration: A Habanos World Launch at City of Dreams Mediterranean

In a dazzling display of luxury and refinement, Phoenicia Cyprus, in collaboration with Habanos S.A., hosted the prestigious event, “A Habanos World Launch,” at the exquisite City of Dreams Mediterranean on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, also celebrating the 15th anniversary of business relations between Phoenicia Cyprus and Habanos S.A.

The evening, which was partnered as well with Promocigar SLA, and Teddys SpeakEasy; the sponsor of the event who procured and supplied the fine spirits and special cocktail pairings of the launchings, brought together approximately 450 guests of local aficionados and global enthusiasts from all over the world, such as Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Malta, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, DRC, Switzerland, Netherlands, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Canada, Bahrain, and beyond.

It began with the arrival of guests around 19:00 in the evening, followed by a lively cocktail reception, featuring a live torcedor table, champaign, cocktail, and main bars, as well as offering guests the interactive experience of the “What’s Your Cigar Touchscreen Quiz” and digital photocall, where memories of the evening could be captured.

The main event then kicked off at 20:30 with a captivating performance by the Hanine band, an extraordinary violin act that set the tone for an evening of festivities. Mr. Mohamed Zeidan thereon graced the stage with a welcoming speech, also marking the 15th anniversary of the enduring partnership between Habanos and Phoenicia.

The first highlight of the night unfolded with the LCDH exclusive El Rey Del Mundo Royal Series (Dobles, 50 ring x 155 mm), dedicated to the La Casa Del Habano concept and franchise. The two co-presidents of Habanos S.A., Mr. Luis Sanchez Harguindey and Mrs. Maritza Carillo Cruz, spoke together of the El Rey Del Mundo brand before presenting the eagerly anticipated cigar and its reveal launch video.

Then followed the presentation of a cocktail pairing for the El Rey Del Mundo Royal Series; the Mon Sherry, created by Rastislav Kasar (2022 World Champion in Coffee – 2023 World Champion in Good Spirits), for guests to taste, before being mesmerized by yet another performance by the Hanine violin band.

As the night continued on, the launch of the Cohiba Wide Short (31.5 ring x 100 mm length) was led by Mr. Jorge Fernandez, Marketing Director of Promocigar, who took to the stage to share with guests the details and creation process of this mini and its inception, before unveiling it through its launching video.


Guests were then presented with the cocktail creation paired with the Cohiba Wide Short; the Kentucky Coffee, once again created by Rastislav Kasar, before they were encouraged to have a short tasting interval while accompanied by the melodic sounds of a live saxophone and piano.

As the clock struck 23:00, the Por La Larranaga Fenix Regional Edition (109, 50 ring x 184 mm length) dominated the stage, but not before a dance performance by Oshow captivated the guests.


Mr. Walid Saleh, CEO of Phoenicia Cyprus, was introduced to the stage to speak of the inspiring legend from which the cigar was named and the significance of choosing the Por La Larranaga brand for the Fenix, as well as the enduring craftsmanship of the Cuban people and Habanos. The cigar was spectacularly revealed via video presentation.

Its reveal concluded with the curated cocktail pairing by Mr. Giovanni Tavano (Bartender of the Year 2020); the B-Ball, for everyone to taste, while the world-renowned musician and performer, Guy Manoukian then graced the stage for a magical live performance.

The grand finale of the evening featured two special lotteries, one for a custom El Rey Del Mundo humidor and one for a unique Fenix ashtray, crafted by Christos Karnabakos, the renowned humidor wood crafter and artist in the cigar world.

The grand world launch was slowly ending when guests were courteously invited to an afterparty celebration at the exclusive members-only Platinum (Club) of the COD Resort, where one more ruffle giveaway took place with the prizes of the no.1 box of the Por Larranaga Fenix and 1 box of Cohiba Ideales.

Finally, the local Cypriot band Karotseris took the stage, ensuring that the guests were accompanied by the traditional music sounds of the island for the remainder of the night.

Notable as well is that the event featured a four-hand 5-course gourmet feast curated by the collaboration of Chef Olivier Belliard of City of Dreams Mediterranean and the world-known 3 Michelin-star Chef Alvin Lung, complemented by an array of fine spirits and beverages procured and sponsored by Teddys SpeakEasy.

The City of Dreams Mediterranean provided a perfect backdrop for an evening that seamlessly blended the worlds of premium cigars, culinary excellence, and musical artistry.

A Habanos World Launch at the City of Dreams was an unparalleled celebration of cigars and cultures, leaving a permanent mark on the world of premium cigars and luxury events.

For more visuals of the event, visit:  https://phoenicia.cy/habanos-world-launch-cod/